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Individual courses are also available. Click each course below to view a summary of the course as well as the option to enroll.

Cardiometabolic $295

INMD 510: Integrative Cardiometabolic Health
The module’s reading material will cover relevant topics pertinent to cardiovascular and metabolic health. Articles included will cover the bigger picture of cardiovascular disease than the conventional LDL cholesterol lowering approach.

Functional Neurology and Neurotransmitters $295

INMD 520: Functional Neurology and Neurotransmitters
This module teaches functional neurology from a symptom basis as well as systems basis. The most common neurologic complaints in clinician’s offices today include chronic pain, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), incontinence, dementia/memory difficulty, insomnia and mood disorders.

Infectious Disease: A World of Diseases $295

INMD 530: Infectious Disease: A World of Diseases
This module will cover a natural medicine approach to infectious diseases, both in terms of treatments and prevention, prebiotics, probiotics and the implications on gut health and overall health, supplementation and natural strategies against, and management of HIV, Natural medicine approach to viral infections, and a natural medicine approach to parasitic infections.

Gastroenterology $295

INMD 540: Gastroenterology
This module will address areas of gastroenterology from an integrative medical perspective such as: Anatomy and Physiology of the Digestive System, Normal GI Flora, Dysbiosis, Bacterial, Yeast, Parasitic, H. Pylori, Clostridium Difficile, Small Bowel Overgrowth, Food Allergies and Sensitivities...

Case Studies in Integrative Medicine $295

INMD 550: Case Studies in Integrative Medicine
This module will cover a wide variety of medical conditions and explore through applied case studies how to implement the integrative medicine model into practice. The module offers 20 cases which address a broad range of integrative diagnostics and therapeutics.

Integrative Clinical Immunology $295

INMD 570: Integrative Clinical Immunology
A sound knowledge of the immune system is of paramount importance to the Integrative Medicine practitioner due to the following factors that need to be both understood and implemented into practice.

Nutraceuticals and Supplementation $295

INMD 580: Nutraceuticals and Supplementation
It has become increasingly aware that most of us are not deriving our optimal intake of nutrients from diet alone. In this module, the reasons for this will be discussed, as well as the differences in recommended daily allowances and optimal daily allowances for vitamins and minerals.

Detoxification and Inflammation $295

INMD 590: Detoxification and Inflammation
This module is designed to teach the practitioner how to detoxify the body of this burden. Detoxification is one arm of the functional and integrative medicine approach and the other modules are important to grasp to understand the fundamental principles of detoxification.

Nutrition & Diet $295

INMD 600: Nutrition & Diet
This module is based on up to date scientific knowledge from the fields of biochemistry, human physiology, testing objective nutritional biomarkers, as well as food and nutritional supplements chemistry and toxicology. This module is designed to support practitioners in their ability is to utilize the most effective and safe nutrition interventions for disease prevention or reversal, while optimizing the patient’s vitality and performance.

Nutrigenomics $295

INMD 610: Nutrigenomics
The goal of this module is to equip you with a basic understanding of genetics, but specifically nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. Highlighting how genetic factors may predispose to disease, and how genetic variation interacts with diet and lifestyle to alter or impact the development or progression of chronic diseases.

Herbals, Phytonutrients $295

INMD 620: Herbals, Phytonutrients
Sometimes called Natural Medicines-CAM involves the use of natural substances to treat and prevent disease. This course meets the IFIM and AAIM conceptual framework themes of academic excellence, best practices and professionalism.

Integrative Medicine Lab Testing $295

INMD 630: Integrative Medicine Lab Testing
The goal of this module is to organize and explain various tests that are available so as to make their use more applicable to medical education and clinical practice.

Integrative Mgmt of Mitochondrial and Adrenal Fatigue $295

INMD 640: Integrative Mgmt of Mitochondrial and Adrenal Fatigue
Chronic fatigue is very prevalent in modern day society. The aim of this module is to explore the numerous causes of fatigue and incorporate an Integrative approach to manage the root causes that may be underlying.


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The delivery of integrative, holistic, or alternative medicine (sometimes referred to as "Complimentary Alternative Medicine or "CAM") may unintentionally include the delivery of services covered by health care plans (notably, by Medicare due to the age or condition of patients triggering coverage). Since CAM practices are largely cash or private fee practices, practitioners must cautiously and carefully ensure that their services do not collect patient payments for what Medicare covers. With the Accountable Care Act being implemented on a national level, more preventative health care services are now covered by Medicare. Coverage of certain preventative care services is now enhanced or expanded. Care must be taken, therefore, since some CAM services delivered by practitioners may constitute preventative medical services mandated as covered by Medicare with no co-pay or deductible owed. HMO plans prohibit the delivery of medical services covered by the plan for patient compensation in excess of plan reimbursement, and require advance patient consent for voluntary non-medical amenities triggering additional patient payment obligations. Additionally, HIPAA/HITECH implements important patient privacy protections and may be triggered by the storage or handling of any electronic patient information. Federal law mandates patients have access to electronic health records, therefore, care must be taken to avoid charging fees for electronic health records access that is mandated by federal law, or for charges in excess of federal guidelines. Various states often have privacy and medical records access laws similar to federal laws. CAM practices often, but not always, engage in electronic communication with patients and involve family members or significant others with CAM consultations, so care must be taken regarding HIPAA/HITECH compliance with respect to privacy and records access. HIPAA/HITECH requires separate personal health information (PHI) written consent by patients, along with updated notices of privacy practices (NPPs) toward HIPAA/HITECH compliance. Due to the complexities of reimbursement and privacy laws, CAM practitioners are strongly advised to seek competent legal counsel to achieve compliance, and should not rely on IFIM presentations. Materials and information presented by IFIM are necessarily general, non-specific, and do not constitute or replace legal advice. The IFIM specifically disclaims that it is providing legal compliance guidelines, representations, warranties or assurances.